QC Test Suspensions

Crosstex Quality Control (QC) Test Suspensions are ready-to-use microbial suspensions containing a consistent number of microorganisms delivering exceptional accuracy for Qualitative Microbiological Quality Control. A large number of strains are available for applications in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food and water testing industries. QC Test Suspensions can be used as qualitative reference standards in most USP, EP and JP industry methods and pharmacopeial chapters.

  • All suspensions comply with the requirement f or population of <100 colony forming units (CFUs) and are guaranteed to be within five passages of an original stock culture
  • QC Test Suspensions are provided as pure cultures in 2.5 mL or 10 mL volumes containing 25 or 100 doses (0.1 mL each)
  • Store suspensions under refrigerated conditions between 2˚C to 8˚C
  • QC Test Suspensions are sold in glass vials with screw-top caps containing a septum. The screw-top cap with septum allows for access using either a pipette or a needle and syringe
  • The organisms can be used to manufacture suspensions with population levels up to 106 /0.1 mL or higher. Please inquire for information on population levels greater than 100 (CFU’s) /0.1 mL for the QC Test Suspension organisms
REF#OrganismCell LineShelf LifeVial Size
GP-01Bacillus subtilis663314 months10 mL
GP-02Clostridium sporogenes1143714 months10 mL
GP25-03Candida albicans1023190 days2.5 mL
GP-04Aspergillus brasiliensis164047 months10 mL
GP-06Geobacillus stearothermophilus795324 months10 mL
GP25-07Pseudomonas aeruginosa90278 weeks2.5 mL
GP25-08Staphylococcus aureus65382 months2.5 mL
GP25-09Escherichia coli87392 months2.5 mL
GP-10Bacillus atrophaeus937218 months10 mL
GP25-11Salmonella enterica1402812 weeks2.5 mL