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Current Press Releases
  Crosstex Launches AXESS™ Mask Sedation System
  Crosstex Appoints Mark Duro as Director, Clinical Education
  Crosstex Broadens Product Portfolio with Acquisition of Accutron Inc.
  Cantel Medical Acquires Accutron, Inc.
  Crosstex/SPSmedical Named FY16 McKesson Medical-Surgical McKesson Brands Supplier of the Year
  Yankee Alliance Contract Yields 50% Savings for Lahey Hospital & Medical Center
  Crosstex Acquires NAMSA’s Sterility Assurance Products Division
  Crosstex Further Expands Compliance Portfolio Acquires Sterilex® Liquid Ultra to Expand Waterline Treatment Portfolio
  Crosstex/SPSmedical Appoints New Account Managers
  Secure Fit® Technology Face Masks Chosen as a Winner in the 2015 Annual Excellence in Surgical Product Awards
  Crosstex is pleased to introduce a new addition to the company’s Preventives Line: the twist® plus Oscillating Disposable Prophy Angle and Tapered Brush
  Crosstex Advisory: POST OFFICE BOX CHANGE As of November 2015, Crosstex International is using a new Post Office box for Mail-In Spore Test Results. Please Read.
  Pride Institute “Best of Class” Technology Award, 2015: Crosstex DentaPure® Waterline Treatment Cartridges
  Crosstex/SPSmedical Announces New Version of RAPICIDE® OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant
  Crosstex Introduces ProGuard™ 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish
  Crosstex/SPSmedical Launches SANI ProZyme™ Enzymatic Detergent and SANI Glut™ Glutaraldehyde 3% Solution
  Crosstex Expands Compliance Portfolio. Acquires DentaPure Microbiological Waterline Disinfection Manufacturer MRLB International
  The Crosstex Secure Fit® Technology Face-to-Face Challenge Makes the Invisible Visible
  Crosstex Secure Fit® Technology Surgical Face Masks Earn "Top Mask" Award from Dental Advisor Four Years in a Row: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
  Crosstex International Helps Fund New Research into Rare Women's Cancers
  Cantel Medical Subsidiary Mar Cor Purification Given 510(k) Clearance For MINNCARE® HD Disinfectant For Use In Water System Disinfection In Kidney Dialysis Applications
  Cantel Medical Corp., Parent of Crosstex International, Acquires Pure Water Solutions, Inc. 1/2/15
  Crosstex/SPSmedical Announces SporView®10 Self-Contained Biological Indicators
  Rapicide® OPA/28 Chosen as a Winner in the 2014 Annual Excellence in Surgical Product Awards
  11/4/2014 - Cantel Medical International Medical Service S.r.I.
  Crosstex/SPSmedical Introduces SporView® VH202 Self-Contained BI
  10/28/14 - New York Surgical Mask Manufacturer Responds to PPE Recommendations, Healthcare Worker Concerns
  10/15/2014 - U.S. Surgical Mask Manufacturers Join Forces to Create Secure Mask Supply Association and Raise Awareness of Domestic Supply Risk
  Medivators® High-Level Disinfectants Efficacy Against Ebola Virus
  PDI Ebola Response Customer Service and TSM Updated 10-8-14
  Crosstex Information Regarding PPE Selection- "A Mask is not a Mask."
  Crosstex International's Annual Pink with a Purpose Program Benefits Women's Cancer Research
  Crosstex Sterilization System Earns Top Ratings, Awarded Best Product 2014 by Dental Product Shopper
  Crosstex Introduces Ambi-ance® Ambidextrous Nitrile Gloves with Textured Fingertips
  Crosstex/SPSmedical Introduces AirView II Bowie Dick Type Test Pack
  Crosstex Introduces Innovative Sparkle® Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips
  Crosstex Introduces a Face Mask Designed for Sensitive Skin and Serious Protection
  Crosstex Launches Educational YouTube Channel for Infection Control Professionals
  Crosstex Develops New Biological Monitoring Services Website -
  Cantel Medical Enters Into Definitive Agreement to Acquire Puricore International Ltd.
  Cantel Medical Corp., Parent of Crosstex International, Named to the Forbes 2013 List of the "100 Best Small Companies in America"
  Crosstex Acquires Sterilator Company, Inc.
  Crosstex® International Recieves 2013 New York Excellence Award
  Crosstex® International Launches Infection Control Helpline: 1-8558-STERILE
  Crosstex® International Receives Three Prestigious Product Awards From THE DENTAL ADVISOR
  Crosstex® International Named Finalist in Prestigious 2013 HIA-LI Annual Business Achievment Awards
  Crosstex® International Takes Its Dental Expertise Into The Animal Health Market
  Crosstex® Introduces the new "Whiskerectomy-Proof" Twist® Prophy Angle for Animal Health
  OSAP PRESS RELEASE MARCH 30, 2013 - Reassuring patients in the wake of the Oklahoma case
  ADA cites infection control resources as media focuses on Oklahoma oral surgeon
  ADA Statement on Infection Control in Dental Settings
  Crosstex Launches Rapicide® OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant
  Crosstex® Issued Patents for Revolutionary Sterilization Pouches
  Crosstex Donates Supplies to Sandy Relief
  Crosstex Aquires SPSmedical
  Infection Control Alert!
  Crosstex International joins THE NEXT DDS
  Crosstex Introduces Biological Monitoring Breakthrough: Results in Just 10 Hours
  Sterilization Assurance Leaders Join Forces
  Crosstex Ultra Sensitive Face Masks and Comfort Plus™ Premium Saliva Ejector Named 2011 Preferred Products by The Dental Advisor
  Crosstex Introduces New Large Size of Its Advanced Sure-Check® Sterilization Pouches
  More Dental Professionals Are Choosing Patient's Choice® Preventives from Crosstex.
  Sparkle V™ 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish with Xylitol Joins Crosstex Patient's Choice® Preventives Line.
  Crosstex introduces the newest addition to its SaniTyze™ Waterless Moisturizing Antimicrobial Gels.
  Crosstex introduces the newest addition to their Isolite® examination/isolation face masks.
  Crosstex Launches An Antimicrobial Treated Medical Face Mask Effective Against H1N1.
  Crosstex Presents The Only Lead Free/Latex Free Steam Process Indicator Tape
  Crosstex Introduces The NEXT Generation Of Safety With NON-LATEX Dental Dams
  Crosstex Continues Its Commitment To Fighting Women's Cancers With Pink With A Purpose™ Priority Pink Products
  Crosstex Launches Ultra Sensitive No-Fog® Masks - Available With Or Without Shields.
  Crosstex Introduces Sure-Check® Sterilization Pouch
  Crosstex Introduces Comfort Plus™ Premium Saliva Ejector
  Crosstex Acquires Strong Dental Products, Inc.
  Crosstex Acquires Twist
  Patient Safety Masks
  Fitted Nitrile Gloves - "Fit more than your hands"
  Wear Jewels You Can Trust
  Crosstex Masks Meet & Exceed ASTM* Standards
  Crosstex Masks Meet Newest ASTM* Standards
  IC Eyewear™
  Crosstex International Acquired By Cantel Medical Corporation