Cleaning Verification Test (CV Test)

The Cleaning Verification Test from Crosstex is a reliable, all-purpose cleaning verification test designed for verification and routine monitoring of the efficacy of the cleaning process of a Washer Disinfector (WD) according to ISO 15883 for surgical instruments, MIS-instruments and ultrasonic devices.

Authentic cleaning indicator

Real simulation of blood soiling and instruments. The CV Test has an authentic surface of stainless steel simulating instruments and an authentic standardized test soil simulating blood with natural additives.

Conforming with international standards and regulations

Assessment and confirmation of conformity according to ISO 15883-5. With our CV Test you are working according to international standard and regulations.

Objective results

The CV Test is designed to verify that all operating parameters are met and detect faulty processes or instrumentation. Ensuring that the first step in your cleaning process is effective increases patient and staff safety and contributes to the potential reduction of HAI’s in the workplace.

PCDs for various systems

Specially designed process challenge devices (PCDs) simulate distinguished requirements of the cleaning process and can be used in WD and ultrasonic devices.


18 months from the date of manufacturing.

Per ANSI/AAMI ST79: 2017 13.2:

Washer–disinfectors (WDs), automated endoscope reprocessors (AERs), ultrasonic cleaners, and other mechanical cleaning equipment should be tested upon installation, each day that it is used, and after major repairs.

Indicators & Kits

Ref.# Description Quantity
CVT150 Cleaning Verification Test Indicator 50 Pieces/ Box
CVTKIN Cleaning Verification Test Kit:
50 indicators, 1 PCD for MIS instruments, 1 PCD for narrow gaps and 1 PCD for surgical instruments
1 Kit/ Box

PCDs & Accessories

Ref.# Description Quantity
CVTPCDSI PCD for surgical instruments & ultrasonic (PP) 5 Pieces/ Box
CVTPCDSISS PCD for surgical instruments (SS) 1 Each
CVTPCDNG PCD for simulating narrow gaps (PP) 5 Pieces/ Box
CVTPCDMIS PCD for simulating MIS instruments (PC) 1 Each
CVTMT MiniTray 1 Each

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